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Be Xtrordinary

Discover your potential. Grow your business.

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Your Business Deserves Great Customers

We know it's a jungle out there. Elusive customers with greater choice, and great ideas launched every day looking to compete with yours. That's why 60% of Australian start-ups close within the first 3 years. 


We are on a mission to change that.

You may have the most incredible product or service, but it could fail without a solid marketing strategy and a clear view of your customer.  We help businesses discover their unique story, build their brand, find their niche, and scale. 

Let us help you become Xtrordinary. 

We help you find them. 

From strategy to content to your website and social channels.
We help you discover your potential. 



He build strategies that help you grow.   From brand strategy, content strategy, social strategies and more. 


Content Marketing

We write content that drives action. From SEO copy, website copy, blog content and more.  



We design and develop beautiful sites that showcase your brand and are designed to drive action. 

About Xtrordinate

Xtrordinate was founded by Michelle Lomas and was born from the desire to help smaller brands and start-ups get the best chance to success.


Michelle Lomas is an award winning marketer with over 20 years experience creating strategies and content experiences for brands globally. She brings together some of the best in the business to help brands succeed.  

What People Say

Brands are always looking for innovation, especially nowadays, and I think they're having a hard time finding it—if they talk to Michelle, they're going to find what they're looking for. Sharp, resilient, impactful—she's exactly what  brands need right now.

Travis S, Co-Founder

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