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Sanitizing Products


We invest in interesting companies on the cutting edge of the next big thing. From tech to health and wellness products, no category is off-limits to us. We are excited by new ideas, products that solve new-age problems, and brands with purpose. 

We are also open to discuss ways we could support through our marketing services team. A partnership with us can involve so much more than dollars alone. 

We review investment opportunities on a quarterly business. If you would like to discuss your business with us, drop us a line. We always love to hear from new entrepreneurs doing incredible things. 




Good Idea Drinks

From the founders of Oatly and through years of scientific research comes Good Idea.  With this powerful blend of amino acids and chromium, your metabolism can rapidly handle sugar and carbs, allowing you to maintain your natural energy like never before.  Adding zinc for immunity and electrolytes for hydration, this drink truly does good, so you can feel good and stay good, all day.

Zero caffeine. Zero carbs. Zero sugar or sweeteners.

Flavored by berries of the Swedish forests.

Launching US Summer 2021. 


Tooth Fairy App

Getting healthy teeth and a straight smile often means choosing between long waits in a dental waiting room or going for risky DIY dentistry.  The Tooth Fairy App offers a new way for people to get expert dental care. It's a service designed and run by dentists. They partner real dentists with smart tech to give patients in the UK convenience without cutting any clinical corners. Providing straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price. 



Morpheus XR

As we adjust to new remote working schedules, teams gathering in the virtual space will become the norm.  Virtual reality social events and gatherings for workers are the wave of the future.   Imagine your team hanging out in distant galaxies, engaging in battle adventures as a team, attending virtual conferences and town halls together.  In Virtual reality the presence is real. Employees want to feel together – and there’s just no way to achieve that through Zoom.  Morpheus XR creates a VR environment for employee engagement.  And with Morpheus XR, team members receive the state-of-the-art headsets for ongoing use in weekly and monthly employee social meetups (and between!). Morpheus XR is the future of corporate culture. 


Katalyst Fit


Katalyst is a complete full-body body workout in just 20 minutes, with no weights or joint impact.  Katalyst's extraordinary, revolutionary system uses low-frequency impulses to stimulate and contract up to 90% of the muscle fibers in your body, for an intense workout equivalent to spending 2+ hours in the gym.  The future of workouts is here. 

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